Monday, June 21, 2010

Procrastination is awesome! I'm so good at it

So here we are at the final countdown (why did that song just pop in my head) and Im sitting here doing laudnry and sorting my outfits. As I piece things together I realize wait I am already allocating what outfits is for what particular day. (OCC much?) So now the real fun starts! Tomorrow I go and get my brows groomed and then Wednesday is my mani pedi. I leave Thrusday morning at 7am for the airport where I will catch a 8:25am flight to LAX but connecting in San Antonio first. Marie and I will be on the same flight from San Antonio to LAX. Even more awesome Fran (Kuuipo1207 on Youtube) lands at the same time as us so we will take the shuttle together to go pick up our rental cars. And from there its fun in the sun!

I cant say how excited I am for this trip. Its been so long since I've had a vacation and to actually have one with the best group of makeup addicted women I have ever met!

Friday, June 18, 2010

And now..the final stretch!

So here we are getting closer to IMATS and everyone is so excited! My tickets came in the mail today! Makeup Magazine (the coordinators of IMATS) were kind enough to UPS my ticket after I realized picking the ticket up at will call might not be such a good idea considering the amount of people that will be there. I was also able to get a better deal on our rental car (5 days for $76.98!) What can I say planning is kind of my thing lol. So now I have to start packing becasue it will be a busy week for me next week.  I've looked at the floor plan and mapped out my route and the damage I'm going to cause. I dont actually plan on spending more than $200, especially since I dont really wear makeup everyday. Makeup is just my hobby not my profession.

According to the ticket information they open up registration a half hour before the show starts. This works out great because our plan is to be there around 730 anyway. Our hotel is about 20 min outside pasadena so we shouldnt have a problem with traffice that early (I hope). Ive got my travel folder all set with my flight info, hotel confirmations, and rental car reservation. I highly recommend you all to have a travel folder anytime you travel. It makes things so much easier! My only delima now is whether or not to get a new camera. I have one but it takes crap pictures. I want good pics for this trip since im not just going for IMATS its a vacation for me as well. Hmm..we'll see

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're leaving on a jet plane!

So it's 8 days before we leave for Los Angeles and IMATS (International Makeup Artist Tradeshow) and we are so excited. Everything is set and the only thing I have left to do is get my accessories and toiletries. It's myself, Ree (Marie), Trinity, Debbie, Ale, Nia, Barbara (Lulu) and Fran all meeting in LA. We've been planning this trip since November 2009 when the dates were released. Fram, Ree and I are flying in on Thursday June 24th and flying back Tuesday June 29th. Trinity is driving in from Vegas on June 25th and Lulu, Nia and Ale are driving in also on June 25th and staying with Ale's sister. Debbie luckily is local. So everything is all set right..ok. Yesterday I get a frantic text from Ree that Ale is pissed because no one can get in contact with Lulu and she's deleted her twitter account and deleted us from facebook. I was confused because I had just seen a post from Lulu a couple of days ago. But sure enough when I search for her name I've been deleted. None of us knew what was going on. There were no arguments there was nothing. Just out of the blue she disapears. We all tried calling her only to have the call blocked and I even tried to text her saying "hey we all understand if you are going through something and cant go buy you owe Ale and Nia some kind of explainaiton" that's some bitchassness right there.

So we all hop on an online chat room to talk about it and how rude, evil, and janky the whole situation was. Lulu offered to drive everyone yet did not keep in contact. Now maybe its the planner in me but you would think that if you offered to pick up 2 other people and drive them to another city you would be on top of your game and keep in constant contact as far as what the travel plans were. So Ale ended up having to buy a plane ticket. Luckily she found a good fare flying into Burbank instead of LAX. The only problem was when I called the hotel to get an extra room they told me they were sold out. So Ree and I offered Ale and Nia to stay in our room.

Luckily when I got to work I called the hotel and was able to work something out to get Ale and Nia a room. We all pulled together to help friends in need. So now Ale is flying in to LA and we arent sure about but one thing is is forsure..we will have a wonderful time and we are ready to go!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whatchu talkin bout Tootie?!

(Big ups to my little homie Gary Coleman) *tippin my 40oz*

So to be totally honest I havent decided what this blog is going to be about yet. But I figure hey, why not jump on the blog wagon like everyone else. So with that being said you will probably become witness to my inner most secrets. Like you will have tickets to the 9pm reading of my diary...ok thats a bit over dramatic but you get the gist!